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About Us

Providing the human resources support that helps businesses achieve their vision.
Committed to offering people and people related services with the objective of enhancing the human capital of organizations.
Our strong advisory board helps us in undertaking any Human Resource Solutions be it permanent placement, large requirements from clients at junior, middle or senior management levels.
Aim to build up a long term rewarding business relationship by providing exceptional services to both our clients and professionals.
Work on raising productivity through improved quality, efficiency and cost reduction across the total workforce, enabling clients to concentrate on their core business activities.

01. Planning & Strategy

We collaborate closely with corporate management in order to obtain a better understanding of the organisation, its operations, and its culture.

02. Client’s Satisfaction

We strive to give our clients with high-quality, in-depth services at a reasonable cost.

Meet Our Revolutionary New Solution

We offer our services to ensure that the right candidates are available for the right job and we take care to match the profile. Every candidate registered with us would have been interviewed and assessed on personal attributes, academic/ professional qualifications, job knowledge, work experience and growth potential.

Some Reasons to Collaborate

We Believe in Best Quality

We are dedicated to providing the highest possible quality in order to meet our clients' workforce needs.

We Believe in Good Relation

We prioritise our clients' needs.

We Believe in Passion

We are passionate about recruitment showing enthusiasm, energy and an understanding of our client and candidate needs.

Permanent Placement

Fingrow is at the centre of connecting people with experience and employment opportunities. With permanent placement solutions, you can access the highly specialized talent you need to create a sustainable competitive advantage. we firmly believe that collaboration is the key to winning the top talent in any niche. With a customized, end to end recruitment solutions designed to adapt as per your requirements, we have one motive - to help you source, filter, interview & recruit the most suitable candidate.

Why Choose Us ?

We are committed to meet customers needs and expectations by delivering competitive services.

What We Do ?

We provide our services to ensure that the correct people are accessible for the right job and that the profile matches. Every applicant who has registered with us has been interviewed and evaluated based on personal characteristics, academic/professional qualifications, job expertise, work experience, and potential for advancement.